There is no shortage of amazing original music being made by artists Born & Bred here in the mountain state. Every week we continue to be amazed by the quality and quantity of artistry created by the talented storytellers of our home. Sierra Ferrell and Charles Wesley Godwin are both featured on a massive project. Adam Yokum, Ben Jamn and George Shingleton all dropped new singles as well.

Listen to all of this amazing West Virginia music today and add them to your playlists.

Sierra Ferrell and Charles Wesley Godwin are both featured on the Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. Ferrell sings the woeful The Garden while Godwin sings the stripped down track Winter’s Come And Gone. With just an acoustic guitar Godwin sings about a glimmer of hope in the darkness..

The Hunger Games: Property of Lionsgate
Sierra Ferrell – The Garden
Charles Wesley Godwin – Winter’s Come and Gone

Adam Yokum has dropped Gretzky which we previewed yesterday. This pop song will have you hitting repeat often. Check it out below.

Adam Yokum – Gretzky

Hip Hop artist Ben Jamn released Appalachian Boy which is a celebration of his Appalachian roots. The release is accompanied by a music video. Check it out below.

Photo by Rock The Pixels Photography
Ben Jamn – Appalachian Boy

George Shingleton has released an acoustic version of his 2020 single Handful of Hell. This stripped down version pulls at the emotions and displays George’s awesome raw vocals.

George Shingleton – Handful of Hell (Acoustic)