Morgantown post punk rockers The Bedheads have released their first single Noctiphany. The band of early twenty-something’s has quickly become a staple of the Morgantown and Pittsburgh rock scene. They have developed a sound reminiscent of some obvious influences like The Strokes, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, The Cure and similar alt rock acts that many alternative newbies count as influences. The tight sound they have developed is making them one to watch.

Recorded with Producer Brandon Wood at The Press Recording Studio, formerly located in Shinnston, The Bedheads have come out of the gate with a track that encapsulates who they are as a band. While their influences are obvious they still manage to create their own voice in that genre. Noctiphany.

The lyrics of this letter to a former love interest indicate that breaking up is still hard to do. And it’s especially hard to do at night when your lost in your thoughts and this person appear to plague your mind.

“Did you know, you’re hard to hate, but you taught me anyways?

Did you know you’re hard to please, but I tried it everyday?”

Check out The Bedheads and their first single Noctiphany below.