Taylor Made, comprised of siblings Wendy, Brian and Greg Duckworth, will be bringing their family grown country skills to the Born & Bred Concert Series at The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center on November 11th with A Tale Of Two, Chris Haddox and host Aristotle Jones. Taylor Made was one of the performers at the inaugural Born & Bred Music Festival in 2018. We recently spoke to Wendy Duckworth Adams of Taylor Made about their West Virginia roots and the bands upcoming performance at the Concert Series. You can get your tickets to the concert series by clicking here: The Robinson Grand

BB: You come from a large family. Where in West Virginia do you come from and where does the band hail from?

Yes, we are numbers 4, 5 and 6 of 7 siblings from Grafton, WV. We are from Taylor County, hence the name.

BB: Who are some influences on your music and writing style?

Barbara Mandrell, Oakridge Boys, Statler Brothers, Bee Gees and The Happy Goodmans to name a few. We’ve always been attracted to harmony groups as that’s what our mama always taught us. “Stay on your own cloud!”. We individually have been compared to different artists. Greg gets told he sounds like Kenny Chesney, Brian a young Merle Haggard and Wendy somewhere between Janis Joplin and Barbara Mandrell-as she really was country when “Country Wasn’t Cool”. All that blended in a 3 part sound unlike anyone else.

BB: How has being from West Virginia influenced your music?

Born and Bred in Taylor County, we grew up in a broken home, as so many others can relate to. That left us with real life experiences we could write about. Not only through our own experiences but those of friends and family around us.

BB: What can people expect from your set?

A little bit of everything. We try to bring a variety of covers, originals and our gospel roots.

Taylor Made – Things You Don’t Grow Out Of

BB: Who are some West Virginia artists you’re listening to?

We still listen to and love Kathy Matea as one of the very first artists that Wendy ever performed live. And of course, Brad Paisley.

BB: What else are you listening to currently?

We really do try to find the artists that have found their own way and don’t sound like everybody else. Like the Zach Brown Band, Oliver Anthony and Chris Stapleton.

BB: What inspired you or took you down the path of music?

We started out singing in Church and on the back porch for as long as we can remember. It was all we ever wanted to do.

BB: One song you want people to listen to from your catalog if they were to say, “Hey what do you sound like?”

WV Wildlife. It’s an original written by all 3 of us to capture the true essence of our home that has kept the 3 of us loyal to the great state of West Virginia.

Taylor Made – West Virginia Wildlife