We recently caught up with Adam Yokum to hear about his music influences, growing up here in WV and more. Check out his music HERE.

BB: Tell us where in West Virginia do you come from?

AY: I’m from a beautiful small town called Whitmer, West Virginia. It’s nice and hidden in the middle of nowhere.

BB: Who are some influences on your music and writing style?

AY: It’s tough to answer this one because I really listen to a wide range of music. Some of my favorite artists right now are Dominic Fike, Tyler Childers, and Daniel Caesar. They all bring something different to the table but I would say I’ve been pulling something from each of them recently.

BB: How has being from West Virginia influenced your music?

AY: Growing up in West Virginia, the beauty of it all really taught me how to slow down, look around, and enjoy the moment in front of me.  I write my music from an honest place around my life and my own personal experiences. And I wouldn’t be who I am if I had grown up somewhere else. I used to want to run away from this place as fast as I could, but the older I get, I find peace in West Virginia.

BB: What can people expect from your set?

AY: I love performing. When people come to an Adam Yokum show, I really want the audience to go home with a story to tell. I try to make my live shows super immersible and interactive. Folks can expect to leave my show with a few more friends than they had when they walked in there. I booked and performed my first headline tour earlier this year and it was a blast. Getting back on the road is something I’m really looking forward to.

BB: Who are some West Virginia artists you’re listening to?

AY: Charles Wesley Godwin, Huey Mack, Philip Bowen, David Morris

BB: What else are you listening to currently?

AY: I’ve honestly been listening to this album I’m working on haha. I know that answer seems a bit self-centered but I really only listen to other music when I’m in the car driving somewhere or in the gym. Other than that I’m spending a lot of time working on this album and really getting it dialed in sonically.

BB: What inspired you or took you down the path of music?

AY: I would say there have been a couple key people that really started me on this path. My brother plays guitar and he taught me a lot from a young age. My dad used to play in a bluegrass band so I was always exposed to music from a young age. My mom was always the person telling me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. And throughout the journey I’ve had a couple friends that believed in me so much that I couldn’t help but believe in myself. Without any of them I don’t think I could be the artist I am today.

BB: Okay last question, what is one song you want people to listen to from your catalog if they were to say, “Hey what do you sound like?”

AY: Right My Wrongs

BB: Thanks Adam!

Be sure to check out Right My Wrongs and follow Adam Yokum for upcoming shows!