There is no shortage of amazing original music being made by artists Born & Bred here in the mountain state. Every week we continue to be amazed by the quality and quantity of artistry created by the talented storytellers of our home. This week is no different with releases from indie-rockers Hello June and rock outfit, The Parachute Brigade.

Hello June has put out their first full length album since 2018. Artifacts” is an introspective and retrospective look at life as told by Sarah Rudy. The albums features really strong musical moments that are reminiscent of Springsteen at points and 90s grunge in others. Check out the youthful dwelling on glory days in the song 23. This is a favorite of ours that has musical the elements reminiscent of the aforementioned Springsteen, U2 and The Cranberries.

Hello June – 23

Charleston pop rockers The Parachute Brigade have released a new single entitled One Twenty-Two. If there is one thing that TPB can teach everyone a thing or two about, it would be harmonies, because this track is laden with some of the best harmonies of any group in music. The song starts with some bare synth slowly cascades into an overwhelming musical crescendo that ushers in some amazing harmonies that take the song home.

The Parachute Brigade – One Twenty-Two