As of this past weekend, The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center is a part of the world history books, thanks to hosting the Devon Allman and Donovan Frankenreiter “See It All” Tour in August. Allman & Frankenreiter completed the task of playing shows in all fifty states in 49 days on Friday at the BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach, California, which was headlined by West Virginia native, Brad Paisley. The duo created an itinerary that got them to every state in world breaking time. They told Born & Bred that they plan to take some time off when we spoke with them in August; Frankenreiter takes a week off before hitting the road again and Allman will be spending the end of 2023 with family, enjoying his holiday before regrouping for a run after the new year. Congratulations to the City Of Clarksburg and The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center for their newest contribution to world history.