Check out these new tracks from Hello June, Tyler Childers, and Austin Adkins.

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In the build up to their next full length, Hello June has released a second single called Honey I Promise. The driving beat and slick baseline of this song set the perfect scene for vocalist Sarah Rudy to tell the story of a goodbye to a relationship. And she’s good with it. Just turn the light off. Listen to it below.

Hello June – Honey I Promise

Okay, we know Tyler Childers isn’t from West Virginia but if he was going to buy a second home in another state we’d suggest it be here. Back when Childers was grinding to make a name for himself a lot of that happened here in the mountain state. So that’s where the Bred part of Born & Bred comes into play. He released his new album, entitled Rustin’ In The Rain. Described as having picked up where Elvis left off, this album is definitely a love letter to the early years of rock and roll. Watch and Listen to the lyric video of Luke 2:8-10 from the aforementioned album below.

Tyler Childers – Luke 2:8-10

Southern West Virginia’s Austin Adkins has released his new song My Next Ex. We think the title sums up the song pretty succinctly. He observes a woman that is enthralling and how he expects it to go bust seems like he’s going to enjoy the journey. It’s a solid track with some great country guitar work throughout.

Austin Adkins – My Next Ex

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