The Moon My Twin is an alternative rock group from Davis, West Virginia. They recently released their EP TMMT II. We asked guitarist Christopher Quattro some questions about the band. Check them out on Spotify and Apple.

The Moon My Twin is comprised of Emay, Charles Richard, Christopher Quattro

BB: How did TMMT come to be?

CQ: We starting as a revolving group of musicians that’s started as a backing band for Emay from time to time and Chuck and I stuck around the most and it turned into TMMT.

BB: Where do you see TMMT in a few years?

CQ: We have pretty standard goals for an original band, we would love to tour, continue to record and continue to evolve.

BB: Tell us about your influences.

CQ: We draw from an extremely wide swath of music . The three of us have very different, personal listening, tastes. We meet most apparently somewhere in the 90s. Alternative… which means something a little bit different to each member. We certainly weren’t like a lot of bands who met over, wanting to sound like a particular group or genre.

BB: Where can our readers catch a The Moon My Twin show?

CQ: We are playing The Shindy Music Festival on Playing 8/26 at Moonshadow in Mc Henry MD

BB: What is the one song you would use to introduce people to TMMT?

CQ: Martyr off of our recent self titled release available on all platforms.

Check out Martyr here and stream their music anywhere you do music!