Growing up in Grafton, George Shingleton had music in his bones. He could be caught in his youth at the front row of the local tent revival, singing at the top of his lungs. Now you can catch him on the stage singing like his life depends on it.

This charismatic front man knows how to wow a crowd and leave you wanting more when it’s over. The voice you hear come out him in his music is the same voice you hear him speak with. There is no fake country accent with him. He IS country. He has found multiple levels of success with his music and has had songs he’s written appear on the hit series Yellowstone.

In his most recent track, I Can’t Let You Go, George tells the story of a man struggling with the loss of a love that he is not willing to let go of. A desperate plea for the love to return and stop the hurt he’s feeling. The blues tinged country song almost feels like a gospel track influenced by those days at the tent revivals. Check it out below and share this track.