Fresh off of his America’s Got Talent performance, Philip Bowen has released a beautiful tribute to a river in the southern part of West Virginia, Old Kanawha. The Kanawha River is the largest inland waterway in the state. It’s sources are the Gauley and the New Rivers which also get an honorable mention in the track. The Kanawha runs for 97 miles and is a tributary to the Ohio River.

Bowen and Godwin sing of its beauty and the importance of this river to the state in a fiddle laden track, which one would hope to hear on a track from Philip. The harmonies of Godwin and Bowen blend seamlessly on this track produced by Zach McCord at McCord House Recording. The track features Gerrod Bee on bass, drums from Larry Shotter, Josh Howard on keys and McCord on electric.

This track is going to be one you want to listen to on a nice summer drive. Check it out here.