Pop artist Adam Yokum is coming off the heels of his team up with fellow West Virginians Huey Mack and Philip Bowen, on the folk infused Right My Wrongs, with a new release Gretzky. This track sees him collab with mike. We at Born & Bred previously referred to Adam as Appalachian tinged Post Malone and that rings true on this track.

We got to listen to the track early and have been playing it regularly at the Born & Bred offices. The song is a reflective look at a relationship, being at a crossroads and having to make decisions on the future. We asked Adam about the song and what it means to him.

“Gretzky is a moment in my career that I’ll remember & cherish forever. Getting to work with mike. was a really cool experience. Creatively, we have been on a similar wave and I think that’s what made this record click so easily. I’m looking forward to the future; hopefully there’s more where this came from & I’m excited to hear everyone’s feedback on this one!”

Adam teased the song early in 2023 on his social media, which led to an interaction with mike. that ended up with the pair joining forces on the track. Adam says the song is a great example of how powerful the internet can be, when used as a tool. Of the collaboration Adam continues “ I have always admired the way mike. moves and this is a huge moment in my blossoming career. It is something I will always cherish”

Listen to a tease of the track from Adam’s Instagram below.