There is no shortage of amazing original music being made by artists Born & Bred here in the mountain state. Every week we continue to be amazed by the quality and quantity of artistry created by the talented storytellers of our home. Jeff Ellis released a folk album and pop Artist Jared Henry released a new single.

Jeff Ellis has released a collection of songs called Folk Show. Of the album Jeff said “It’s a collection of raw, honest, acoustic songs, like you’s hear around a campfire or in the corner of a coffeehouse somewhere in southern West Virginia.” This collection of folk music will be perfect to get you through this fall. Check out Folk Show everywhere you stream music.

Jeff Ellis – New Morning

Jared Henry continues to crank out pop songs that should be in your playlist. Check out his new track Fight To Feel (Featuring Fling) on all platforms.

Jared Henry (Featuring Fling) – Fight To Feel