There is no shortage of amazing original music being made by artists Born & Bred here in the mountain state. Every week we continue to be amazed by the quality and quantity of artistry created by the talented storytellers of our home. This week is no different with releases from doom rockers Summit Point. Metal outfit, Orion’s Fall and new to us world fusion artist, Meow Paradox.

Summit Point. who included a period at the end of their name to drive autocorrect insane, have released a new single Whatever You Want. The doom rock outfit out of Huntington hit a home run with the track from their upcoming album “Faults of Memory.” Check it out below and follow their social here: Summit Point.

Summit Point. Whatever You Want

Orion’s Fall are a newer metal group on the scene out of North Central WV, and they dropped their first single Other Side (Follow Me). Check the song out below and help grow their following by clicking here: Orion’s Fall.

Orion’s Fall – Other Side (Follow Me)

To round out the week, check out Huntington based World Fusion artist Meow Paradox. This album “Meditations”released a couple of weeks ago but we just found it so it’s new to us. Take some time to just relax and enjoy this meditative music to wrap up your week. Follow them here: Meow Paradox.