We know you are in the music business because you love it. It frees you. It captivates you. It’s introduces a whole world in which you can create. We also know that if you want to make music your full-time gig, you need to set and work toward some concrete and achievable goals for your business so you don’t end up stuck playing tunes to your own ego, in a smoky basement, getting paid in regret.

Sound harsh? It’s just because we care. Remember, you won’t get any big breaks without putting in a little grit.

So what does goal setting look like for an up and coming musician? Much like your career, you define your own goals. The key is to ensure you set goals that are concrete and achievable. You want to come up with a concrete action and a concrete timeline. You can have bigger picture goals, like touring the US, but you need to work on the smaller goals in order to reach the grand prize. When setting goals, you do want to consider if they align with your longterm goals as a musician. Consider these goals stepping stones to your own rolling stone. 

When setting out to identify your goals, you want to follow these guidelines:

  1. Set goals that excite and motivate you

  2. Your goals should be concrete and within your abilities to accomplish

  3. Give goals a timeframe or time commitment

  4. Set goals that align with your big picture goal

  5. Write them down and place them somewhere visible

Here are some ideas of what you goals may look like:

  • Practice Everyday for 30-60 minutes 

  • Full Band practice twice monthly

  • Book 2 paying shows a month in the coming year

  • Record a single in 2024

  • File a business license and open a business bank account this month 

  • Post a well-crafted TikTok video twice weekly

  • Attend other local musician’s shows monthly

Goal setting may be daunting, but it is as simple but starting with a piece of paper and pen or opening a note in your iPhone.  We promise these small disciplines will only make your music career better. 

Need more help with goal setting? Contact Maria at blackandtealconcepts@gmail.com to learn more about personalized music business coaching options.