There is no shortage of amazing original music being made by artists Born & Bred here in the mountain state. Every week we continue to be amazed by the quality and quantity of artistry created by the talented storytellers of our home. This week is no different with releases from Afro Appalachian Folk Artist, Mon Rovîa, Folk Artist, Makenna Hope, Singer Songwriter, Jeff Ellis, and two Country Artists, Khegan McLane and Brad Paisley.

Mon Rovîa kicks things off for us with his new track Cleopatra” which he has said will be part of his upcoming Act 2. Mon Rovîa has created a sound that blends his Liberian roots with his Appalachian upbringing and it becomes a sound that is all his own as evidenced on this uplifting track. Listen to “Cleopatra” below.

Mon Rovîa – Cleopatra

Jeff Ellis has dropped a new single ahead of his next project Folk Show. The track “Heavy Metal Flying V Guitar” recounts an interaction with a crowd member who got more than he expected at a show of Jeff’s. Listen to the track and stay tuned for the album to drop later this fall.

Jeff Ellis – Heavy Metal Flying V Guitar

Khegan McLane released his country tune “Old Flame.” Musically, this track is a very folksy trip through a field, but lyrically, it’s a dagger in the form of a message to a former love. His tongue in cheek lyrics are a humorous approach to saying goodbye to someone that did you wrong.

Khegan McLane – Old Flame

St. Albans native, Makenna Hope has put out her new track with a perfect theme to kick off October, “Ghost Of Us.” The song discusses a lost love that haunts the author. The emotional track is a beautiful folk tinged song that is ambiguous as to why the love is gone. Is it a physical death or an emotional death that has led to the forlorn state of the storyteller. How do they move on after losing someone that has been ever present in their life?

Makenna Hope – Ghost Of Us

Glen Dale born country artist, Brad Paisley released the first four tracks from his upcoming album Son Of The Mountains. The tracks discuss the highs and lows of West Virginia. Paisley returned to the mountain state to record interviews with residents to discuss their home state pride and also an issue that has touched most of us, the opioid epidemic. Listen to “Son Of The Mountains” below.

Brad Paisley – Son Of The Mountains