There is some great music out today. Check out these new tracks from Chris Weaver Band and Jared Henry.

If there is something that you heard drop today, comment it below.

If we had to pick one thing that Chris Weaver excels at, it would be his ability to write songs that transport you to another time and place. And he has done that once again with his new track Fast Car Days. This track will put right in the seat of a K car driving through your small town back in high school while blasting some Wallflowers through the speakers and dreaming of your future. Check out Fast Cars Days below.

Chris Weaver Band – Fast Cars Days

Jared Henry has been releasing music steadily over 2023 and this track is one of the best he’s put out and that’s saying a lot because he’s put our some bangers. Somebody Help features a guest spot from rap artist FLING. Jared uses this track to navigate a loss of self and faith and asking for someone to help while feeling like he has to do it himself. Asking hard questions is never easy, especially when you feel like there aren’t answers. That’s even truer when you feel like the person you can’t trust the most is the one in the mirror. Listen to Somebody Help below.

Jared Henry – Somebody Help