Welcome to our series the Anatomy Of A Good Song. In this series we aim to highlight a song from a West Virginia artist that sets the standard as to what a quality song should be in regards to the overall feel and sound of a song. That’s not to say all songs should sound the same or are created equally, but these songs are great examples of what is possible.

Today we present to you, I Don’t Mind by The Parachute Brigade! Be sure to follow this outstanding band and, as always, check out our Born & Bred Spotify Playlist for more great WV music!

Vocals: As with all music by The Parachute Brigade, the vocal performances are just butter. We can’t applaud this group enough for the tight and melting harmonies. Their blend of male and female vocals is just a dream, especially as they swell into the line “I never thought we’d leave.”

Production: As soon as the song hits the ears the soft beats and light melodies win us over. I Don’t Mind keeps the ears engaged as you discover something to hear in each section. It is evident that The Parachute Brigade is paying a lot of attention to details on this track. One of the things a lot of artists miss is that you have to keep the listener’s ear from getting bored. You do this by making sure to introduce new things or take away other parts to emphasize another. They achieve this with adding new instruments and parts throughout the song. There is one section of the song that we would’ve loved to have witnessed in the studio as it came together. They come out of the chorus by slowing the tempo to introduce a beautiful musical break that leads into a stripped chorus that accentuates the vocal prowess of the group, before picking it back up into a straightforward chorus. These parts of the song take the listener on an auditory journey that you can almost visualize as streaking lights pass you by on a fast drive through a city.

The Hook: Let’s be honest, we were hooked from the first notes. But when you first hear TPB sing “I’ll rearrange the hurt inside of me” followed by the lift in the chorus with “can you feel it comin’” it makes us feel like we are soaring over the skyline with them.

Lyrics: You know we love a great lyric and these got us out of the gate with the opening line “flat broke in the city.” There is enough mystery embedded in these lyrics that you are left wanting to know more of the story, but enough relatability that you feel like you’ve already been a part of it.

I’ll rearrange the hurt inside of me | the golden age is just outside our reach | so if you’re gonna leave then say no more

Can you feel it comin’ |Baby, why you runnin’ tonight? | We’re a shot in the dark, my dear | I don’t mind

Now go have a listen (or three) and enjoy!

Congratulations to The Parachute Brigade for writing a great song!

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