Clarksburg, WV – The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center, in partnership with the Historic Clarksburg, WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance(HCWVCPA), is bringing a fundraising performance from Thrillusionist David DaVinci to downtown Clarksburg on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the historic Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center located at 444 W. Pike St. in Clarksburg, WV.

David DaVinci is a world-class illusionist who has completed multiple world tours, starred in and co-produced “Magical Flight” at the Hyatt Regency Saipan, headlined on five Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey productions, headlined at theme parks and on Disney, Holland America Princess, and Norwegian Cruise lines all over the globe. He has won multiple national and international awards including the Pacific Rim Professional Stage Championship, and the Masters of Magic Award.

“David DaVinci is the real deal who has sold out our venue before,” said Jason A. Young, the Robinson Grand’s program manager. “The pre-show VIP meet and greet offers an awesome complete experience at an affordable price.”

DaVinci’s career started when he performed his first show in the 5th grade. By high school he was a local celebrity with performances at local restaurants in Spokane, WA. His career continued to explode and eventually took him to more than 50 countries, on six continents. His illusions have been seen on multiple television specials; Masters of Magic, Magic Planet, OTV in Shanghai and many others. DaVinci has performed for international royalty and celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Garner, and Vanilla Ice just to name a few. From theme parks to casinos, his shows are always a hit.

“We love the opportunity to host a really good show for a really good cause,” said Young. “The HCWVCPA does important work for our community and this fantastic show is a fundraiser for them.”

The HCWVCPA’s mission is to honor and commit to the perpetual care other organizations have once guaranteed but are no longer able to provide. “Our organization takes extreme pride in honoring the memories of those no longer living by caring for their final resting places as if it were on of our loved ones,” said Shaun Jedju, the non-profit’s president. “We do vast research into the history of each marker and make publicly available what information we find.” This research not only helps resort history by identifying markers, it plays a significant role in restoring peace of mind to living relatives.

By maintaining and restoring the grounds and markers of historic cemeteries the community at large gets the chance to celebrate these testaments of the rich heritage West Virginia has to offer citizens and visitors alike. The goal of the HCWVCPA is to ensure that all of their locations are well maintained for generations to come so that those who are laid to rest at their locations are never forgotten.

Tickets for Thrillusionist David DaVinci start at only $25 and are currently one sale to Friends of the Robinson Grand. The general public can purchase tickets on Friday, August 4, 2023, at 12:00p.m. All tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Robinson Grand ticketing center at (855) 773-6283.