In this series, we want to share with you the nitty gritty of why we love certain songs by WV artists. For the inaugural post in this series, we bring you Jared Henry’s song Doors. Be sure to follow Jared Henry and, as always, check out our Born & Bred Spotify Playlist for more great WV music!

Vocals: Jared Henry’s vocals on this song are light and easy in the best way! He offers a smooth and seemingly effortless vocal that almost fools you on what the song is really saying. Jared Henry excellently uses his voice authentically without trying to be someone he’s not.

Production: From drumstick hits to finger snaps, the subtle, but effective, touches in the arrangement of this song are just great. The variations in the song keep the ear interested and just like the vocals, trick you into thinking everything is great!

The Hook: We really have to applaud a song that achieves a great hook on a single word! We were hooked at the pre-chorus, but Henry’s vocal play on the word “doors” is just beautiful and worth listening to again and again.

Lyrics: We really love a great lyric! And that moment when you hear a line and say, I wish I wrote that! Jared Henry artfully presents a cut the crap, I’m done, break up song in the most delightful way and hits us with some raw and relatable lines. Here are some of our favorite lines from this song.

You can’t control me | that card has been played before | so if you’re gonna leave then say no more | if practice makes perfect I’m pretty sure you’re good at slamming doors.

When did all my good | become not good enough? | why open the door if you’re just gonna slam it shut?

Congratulations to Jared Henry for writing a great song!

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