As we explore the numerous ways music is beneficial to both physical and mental health, one of those that has jumped out at us is the practice of drumming. This may be no surprise to seasoned drummers, while unexpected to others as drumming can be mislabeled as inducing anger, rage, or violence: when, in fact, the opposite is true. If you are looking for a new therapeutic practice for your health, consider taking up drumming. Here’s why…

Drumming Can Improve Mental Health 

Anyone who is a fan of Animal from the Electric Mayhem may wrongly assume that drumming triggers higher PB numbers and tension, when in fact the practice of drumming can have the opposite effect resulting in a healthy Blood Pressure, reduced anxiety/depression and less stress. It is also great for improving cognitive function.

Drumming brings in deep relaxation, curbs blood pressure and stress. As per current medical research, stress results in a majority of diseases and is the primary risk factor of several fatal conditions like heart attacks, strokes and weakening of immune system. Drumming plays a vital role in addressing the stress factor and relieving you from stress related anxiety and any other disorders. (The Health Site)

Drumming Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

The combined affect of releasing endorphins along with distracting the body in a positive way from the negativity of the pain, drumming can positively improve the overall wellness of those who suffer with chronic pain.

The act of drumming – as opposed to passively listening – elevates the pain threshold and is connected with endorphin release.

(The Drumming Spirit)

Drumming Is A Great Form of Exercise

The constant movement of multiple limbs in drumming promotes circulation throughout the body.

It’s believed that the rhythmic movement of the hands and feet helps stimulate the flow of blood through the veins and arteries.

(Donovan Health)

Furthermore, many agree that drumming is a great form of cardio exercise with the added benefit of promoting sustained energy after the drumming session has ended.

Drumming can be good exercise because a standard session can burn around 200-500 calories, while an hour-long stadium performance could burn over 1,000 calories.

(Drum Sector)

Some studies even indicate that the regular practice of drumming with all its benefits has an immune boosting impact on the body. There’s no doubt that music in various forms is beneficial to the human condition in a myriad of ways. Consider using music therapeutically to improve your overall health and well-being. Perhaps you will discover drumming as your go-to therapeutic outlet.