We at Born & Bred found out about Austin Glaspell by accident over a year and a half ago when we saw him at an event. In the corner of a room sat the lone guitarist getting ready to play his set. You never know what you’re going to get in these settings. It could be something that makes people leave or it could be the one of the best things you’ve heard in a while. In Austin’s case it was the latter. His voice immediately won our attention and approval.

Austin went into The Press Recording Studio in Shinnston and decided that he wanted his first track to be his song Yellow Moon. Working with producer and musician Brandon Wood led to a final product that shows off all of the aspects of what Austin is capable of. If the blues, southern rock, and Robert Plant had a baby, that baby would be Austin Glaspell.

Check out the track everywhere you stream music and add it to your playlists. We will be adding it to the Born & Bred playlist today! Listen to it here: