We love music that fits our mood. On this rainy day in West Virginia, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce four songs from WV artists that perfectly fit the rainy day vibe. A Tale of Two, The Moon My Twin, A.M. Benson and Brandon Wood are songwriters who know how to capture the deep moods housed within the human condition. Through the melody, lyrics, vocal expression and instrumentation, these musicians supply us with the expressions of our moods through the artistry of their craft. We hope you enjoy these rainy day selections. Be sure to follow these great artists on Facebook and Spotify. If you have a favorite mood song by a WV Artist that you want to share, drop us a line at editor@bornandbredmusic.com and don’t forget to follow our Born & Bred Spotify Playlist. We hope you have a great, rainy day!


The Moon My Twin, “Become the Sea

A.M. Benson, “Fly Me To Austin

Brandon Wood, “Broken Hearts

A Tale of Two, “Waiting Forever After