Welcome to our ongoing series The Anatomy Of A Good Song. In this series we aim to highlight a song from a West Virginia artist that sets the standard as to what a quality song should be in regards to the overall feel and sound of a song. That’s not to say all songs should sound the same or are created equally, but these songs are great examples of what is possible. Today we present to you, Forever Lost by The Lords Of Lester! Be sure to follow this outstanding band and, as always, check out our Born & Bred Spotify Playlist for more great WV music!

Vocals: Lead singer Jamie Lester has a storyteller vocal that demands to be heard. His vocal has a earnestness to it on this track that makes you lean in to hear the deep life questions that he is asking. With a timber reminiscent of a folky Bruce Springsteen, the vocals are captivating as the message is laid out before you.

Production: The production in local folk music can sometimes be an afterthought but fortunately The Lords, (can we call you The Lords?) avoid that trap. The entire “Oracle” album has amazing production throughout. It shines on this track. The song is given the space it needs to breathe and sets an incredible background for the vocals to be presented. In a lot of ways the production here brings folk/newgrass contemporaries Nickel Creek to mind.

The Hook: A lot of times this is where this genre can suffer. Creating a hook isn’t easy in any genre but in a genre with rich music that demands to be heard, sometimes the artists forget to create a melodic hook to get stuck in your head. That is not an issue here. You will find yourself singing the chorus of this song long after you’ve heard it.

Lyrics: If the lyrics to “Forever Lost” don’t give you pause and consider your journey, you’re just not listening to them. The lyrics of this song will cause a mental journey to happen for the listener. There are lyrics of hurt, pain and loneliness juxtaposed with music that heals. Lester weaves a story of a man asking the hard questions of where have I been and where am I headed in this introspective masterpiece.


“I’m fine, goddamn lucky to be alive| Is it a sign?| Should I be giving everyone high fives?|Will I someday settle down and find a place to call my home?|Or am I damned to walk this earth Forever Lost and alone?

Congratulations to The Lords Of Lester for writing a great song!

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