An artist that has built a lot of his career in West Virginia, Arlo McKinley announced via his Instagram that he is postponing the rest of his US tour. Citing his need to prioritize his mental health over his touring, Arlo expressed his apologies and said that any necessary refunds will be issued via the venues. Over the last few years, there have been multiple artists and others in the spotlight, such as athletes express the need for a break citing the grueling demands of the road that take a toll on their mental health.

West Virginia artist and tour mate, Sierra Ferrell recently took to her social media channels in July to announce the cancelation of some appearances citing her need for rest. In a time where people are beginning to fully understand the need to prioritize mental well being we applaud these artist for being upfront about their need for time to heal and focus on their overall well being. See the statement from Arlo McKinley below.

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All photos taken from artists social media.