Please join us in giving a round of applause, a high ten, a standing O and a heck yeah to Corduroy Brown! If you’re a musician, you know as well as any that even harder than writing a hook, is self promotion. These days social media has become a MUST for indie artists to get their music heard. The platform that is likely generating the highest success rate and simultaneously proving the most daunting, you guessed it: TikTok. But as of yesterday, Corduroy Brown has cracked it and we couldn’t be happier for him! Corduroy has remained persistent on TikTok and it finally paid off when he went from hundreds to over 35 THOUSAND followers literally overnight. You can ask him what his secret is, but much like his life story, it may just be his steadfast persistence and unwavering efforts that won over the dreaded algorithm.

We are so excited to be joining The Robinson Grand in welcoming Corduroy Brown to the next installment of The Born and Bred Concert Series hosted by Aristotle Jones. Tickets go live tomorrow! Be sure to get yours before everyone on TikTok beats you to it!

We hope that all WV artists are joining us in celebrating the success of Corduroy Brown today!

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