If you’re aiming to make your career in music, be it part or full time, filing a business license is an essential step that many are fearful of undertaking. The process of filing your business license, especially in the State of West Virginia, isn’t nearly as difficult as the looming task often threatens. 

First, WV makes it very straightforward. The first thing you’ll want to do is create an account at  www.onestop.wv.gov then you will go to “Register a Business” most of the questions are pretty straight forward, but you will most likely be filing as a for profit business and from there you will want to determine the name of your business and whether you are filing as a Sole Proprietor or LLC. There are benefits to both. If you intend to keep music as a very part-time business and you want to keep all your banking in one place, then a Sole Proprietor might be a good fit. If it is your goal to make music  full-time and eventually hire employees or contractors, filing as an LLC may be a smart choice – especially in the unlikely event of a legal entanglement. For more information on the difference we recommend visiting here:  If you opt for an LLC, you will also need to acquire an EIN number which you can do here. When filing your license, be it a sole proprietor or an LLC, you will need to file a legal business name. This could be your band name, artist name or something like “Your Name Music.” The choice is entirely yours to make, but you will want to bear in mind the following considerations: is someone else already using the name you want to use; are social handles and domains available in the name you want; is it easy for people to say and remember. Once you have completed your online filing, you will receive a copy of your business certificate in the mail. BOOM! Now your business is legal! Your next consideration is taxes! We highly recommend you outsource your taxes. A professional tax preparer will know the ins and outs of what you can write off and make your life so much easier! We love Liberty Tax, but there are numerous options out there for tax filing. 

If you know you want to start a business in Music, but you are nervous about the logistics, the best thing to do is just take the first step! Visit The WV One Stop Business Portal to get yourself going. 


If you need a business coach to help get you started, you can contact blackandtealconcepts@gmail.com or visit www.blackandtealconcepts.com